Full support for business processes: marketing, planning, execution and supervision.
Available and adaptable to different user scenarios, for all types of mobile devices:
Web Based, Netbooks, Windows Mobile, iPad and Android.


Designed with special emphasis on versatility

Strategic planning, field execution and supervision of activities to increase sales force efficiency and productivity.


Multi-Tenancy Architecture

Mature Solutions, a SaaS platform (software as a service) has been used by more than 120 companies worldwide, and more than 20,000 users (70% hosted in Close Up Data Center) since 2003..


Closed Loop Marketing (CLM)

Ready for any digital integration. It allows presentation building, screen image building and preview, all to match the client’s interests and preferences. It allows users to add statistics of interest to the physicians who see the material. The representatives can provide feedback on the interest shown by physicians as a response to the material presented. It allows automatic email delivery of the material presented to the Physician. Effective reduction of sales and promotion costs.

Dashboards BI

Dynamic Dashboards BI®

These are dynamic reports for the commercial and productivity areas of the organization
  • Effective communication on each area’s performance
  • Integration of the main metrics in a single view
  • Definition of own reports.
  • This is a solution to improve production, saving time and money, vis a vis any other competitor.
    Dynamic Dashboards BI® is available in two presentations:
  • Off-line files, sent via e-mail
  • Online platform, only for iPad devices
  • This is a basic tool to be able to perform an analysis of the information and get the most out of the call data.

    • Used by more than 120 companies worldwide.
    • More than 20,000 users (70% hosted in Close Up Data Center).
    • Our solutions are available in 5 continents.
    • A wide range of software functionality can be used offline.
    • Validation, Migration, Assembly and Training

    Support & Implementation

    Updated versions every 6 months, including requirements and market improvements.