Close-Up International provides tools that help evaluate the pharmaceutical market based on the analysis of the different sales channels: pharmacies, hospitals and the public sector. They also offer the possibility of analyzing a product against the competition, according to geographical area, area of visit and competing products. Close Up International tools provide information on the market share of both primary care and specialties, based on turnover indicators, numerical and weighted distribution.

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    Retail Market

    Evaluate your country´s total market and the impact of promotion on your sales

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    Territorial Data

    Access census information on sales in the laboratory markets within the territory

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    Company Distribution Data

    Assess the exclusive distribution and movement of your products

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    Trade Distribution Data

    Evaluate your product placement opportunities based on measurable data

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    Regional Sales

    Make a comparative analysis of your sales by a built-in and consolidated platform throughout Latin America

    Business Review

    Evaluate the performance of your product from the beginning of its promotion to its sale