Close-Up International More than 50 years Providing services to the Pharmaceutical Industry

Innovative and creative ideas

In the decade of 1960, we underwent deep changes, and amid a very intense and creative context, we generated an Enterprise based on an ORIGINAL IDEA.

Thus in 1968 we created the very first Prescription Audit for the pharma market in the world.

Close-Up International was founded under the leadership of a group of professionals in areas connected with health, chemistry and pharmaceuticals, and it became the pioneer in the development and application of new analysis and research techniques.

More than 50 years

Our contribution has been essential to be abreast with market trends and contribute in a more efficient and transparent way to the relationship between Labs and Physicians.

Close-Up keeps overcoming new challenges and striving for continuous improvement. We provide new technologies and solutions to our clients, positioned as our strategic allies, in order to maximize client benefits and cost effectiveness.

Continuous improvement

  • 1968 Creation of Close-Up. Close Up appears in Argentina as the pioneer company that brought the firstPrescription Audits in the world.
  • 1971 Launching of Close-Up México. Close-Up starts its international expansion.
  • 1972 Launching of Close-Up Brasil. Prescription Auditsget to the largest market in Latin America.
  • 1983 Launching of Audit-Pharma. This is one of the most relevant and well-liked products,widelyappreciated by the pharmaceutical industry, which focuses on Physician Target.
  • 1990 Launching of Lider File First tool to manage Physician Files and CRM in the Pharmaceutical Industry.
  • 1990 Total LatAm Coverage Our Px business unit expands and covers the whole region (Latin America) and Spain.
  • 1992 Award from AIMFA The Associating of Pharmaceutical Research and Marketing of Spain granted an award to Close Up’s Chairman, Dr. Bonaparte, for his participation in the AIMFA’s 3rd National Meeting.
  • 1995 Award for Continuous Improvement Awarded by the Fundación Premio Nacional a la Calidad(National Quality Award Foundation), and delivered by Argentina’s President in person in the award ceremony.
  • 1998 Creation of Feel Foundation Foundation Feel’s mission is to fosterProfessional Development in the health and training sector, as well as Children Community Support and Assistance. CSR.
  • 2000 Launching of Pharmaceutical BI First Business Intelligence software for Pharmacies and Pharmacy Chains.
  • 2003 Launching of Regional Close-Up This platformintegrates and consolidates the prescription market in every country in Latin America.
  • 2006 Award from SAMF On its 40th anniversary, the Argentine Association of Pharmaceutical Marketing grants this award to Close Up for their commitment to the Pharmaceutical Industry.
  • 2008 Acquisition of IMS Health Px Business Close-Up acquires IMS Health’s Px Business in LATAM, a historical step that consolidated our leadership position.
  • 2009 Launching of Prescriber´s This online tool enables access to Px information for Visited and non-visited physicians.
  • 2009 Launching of sfNet First CRM exclusive for thePharmaceutical Industry.
  • 2009 Acquisition of Inestra Brazilian company specializing in technology services and applications.
  • 2010 Launching of Close-Up Dashboards Executive Reports that contribute to enhance organization management.
  • 2011 sfNet Global Coverage This application consolidates globally.
  • 2011 Acquisition of Cedat Health ThisSales Force Application corporation consolidates Close-Up as the technologyleader in Pharma CRM.
  • 2011 Launching of Close-Up Analyzer Online platform that enables Px consultations about physicians and sales force productivity in the pharmaceutical market.
  • 2013 Award from Grupemef The Grupo de Pesquisadores do Mercado Farmacêutico (Pharmaceutical Market Research Group) celebrated Close-Up and Dr. Bonaparte on the company’s 45th Anniversary, in an event with more than 800 professionals in the Pharmaceutical Industry.
  • 2014 Launching of Sales Audits For the first time in its history, Close-Up produces and commercializes Sales Audits for the retail and non-retail pharmaceutical markets in Brazil. This is a historical milestone that marks the beginning of a new era for the company.
  • 2015 Acquisition of CID Latina Argentina We acquired Knobloch Group’s sales audits in Argentinaand we entered into a Strategic Alliance in Mexico.
  • 2015 Launching of Business Analyzer For the first time, a company offers a comprehensive solution that comprises prescription and sales data for the Pharmaceutical Industry.
  • 2018 Digital Transformation Close Up incorporates omni-channel strategies to cater for the increasing demand for digital services in thePharmaceutical Industry. Agreement with McCaan Health.
  • 2018 Consulting This business unit is consolidating, and it is helping us strengthen our role as our client’s strategic partner.
  • 2019 Acquisition of Sales Farma Close Up acquires this Running Software in Brazil to service 40 new clients and consolidate its leadership position.
  • 2019 Sindusfarma Brasil Medal The Chamber of Pharmaceutical IndustryProducts in Brazil celebrated its 50th Anniversary and awarded Dr. Bonaparte the Cândido Fontoura “Comendador” Medal before 800 professionals in the industry.
  • 2019 Machine Learning By incorporating Big Data, Close-Up provides Market Predictive Analysis Services.

2019 Strategic Alliance with Symphony Health (a PRA Healthsciences Company) This Alliance is an important milestone that will enable the integration of prescription and sales information for Latin America and the USA using the Regional Analyzer and Clinical Trial Analytics.