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Close-Up International is a content and service company for the pharmaceutical industry.
Present in more than 20 countries, our company is focused on the development and commercialization of audits and reports of the prescriptions and sales markets.

Since our foundation in 1968, we have contributed to the knowledge of market trends, helping, with efficiency and transparency, to strengthen the relationships between laboratories and medical professionals.

Close up International

More than 50 years
serving the Pharmaceutical Industry

Our efforts towards continuous improvement are the engine of our growth. We like to take on new challenges, providing the latest technology and solutions to maximize the benefits and make our clients’ costs efficient, who we see as true strategic partners.

+ 50 years of experience
+ 20countries
+ 650 customers
+ 50 years of experience
+ 20 countries
+ 150 customers

What makes us different

Our Mission

To provide reliable services with the highest technology to the Pharmaceutical Industry, creating value and guiding its activities to promote and inform about the medical products to the medical staff.

Our Vision

To be an international business model that leads the market with a focus on innovation and the search for creative and reliable answers to our clients’ needs.

Our Values

Trust, based on a confidentiality commitment when handling the data provided by our clients.

Professionalism, from our highly trained team.

Ethics, in our business, both in strategic decisions and business relationships, and in dealing with people.


Our purpose