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Close-Up Analyzer is a web-based platform which enables the generation of strategic reports that allow support for decision-making and the development of action plans in order to reach and exceed the objectives of prescription market share which in turn have an impact on sales

Close-Up Analyzer integrates and analyzes the data from Close-Up Market, Close-Up Targeting and Close-Up REP's audits with multiple benefits, replacing the off-line platform for PCs/Laptop

Close-Up Market

It is the database that provides a quantitative and general view of the market, enabling the analysis of the market behavior and their products in different therapeutic classes.

Close-Up Targeting

It is a database of prescribing physicians where it is possible to analyze their behavior, habits and preferences; it allows review of the strategy effectiveness.

Close-Up Rep's

Database designed for the analysis of the promotional productivity in the whole structure of the sales force and its visited physicians, as well as the potential of the non-visited physicians.

Advantages and benefits of Close Up Analyzer

web-based solution to measure the promotional productivity of Products, Markets, Physicians and Representatives.


Close Up Analyzer

WEB Solution / Integrates all Close-Up’s Audits
  • * All browser compatible.
  • * Does not require software installation or license.
  • * Profile definition by user Offices / Manager.
  • * Queries predefined by the client.
  • * More analysis in shortest time.
  • * Automatic data update.
  • * Information availability in real time.


Close Up Market

Overview of our market positioning
  • * Information of the prescriptive approach TOTAL Country.
  • * 60 months of information.
  • * Geography: 59 regions Close-Up.
  • * Metrics: Number of prescriptions (Px’s), Number of physicians (Md’s), Market share (MS) of Px’s.
  • * Indicators: MSG = Market share growth (difference in percentage points of MS between two defined periods).


Close Up Target

Identify Productive Physicians, habits and preferences
  • * Prescribing physicians.
  • * Multiple openings (drill down).
  • * 24 months of information.
  • * Presentation of the data with quantitative and general vision.
  • * Metrics: Category and Market Participation, Category and Participation Own products.
  • * Indicators: Weighted physicians, Visited and unvisited physicians, Categorization (geography, specialty, geography-specialty.


Close Up Rep's

Prescriptive Productivity Analysis of Sales Force
  • * Integrates the territorial sales structure with the physicians’ master base.
  • * 24 months of information.
  • * Prescription participation of own products and/or competitors by route.
  • * Metrics: Market share, Productivity, Number of visited and not visited physicians, Number of absolute
  • * Indicators: Productivity Index.

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