CloseUp SDT

Close-Up SDT® provides information and monitoring for specialized medicinal products, focusing on each product´s indication.

Data obtained by means of indications and other relevant variables, such as drug sequencing, treatment timing, institutional environment, treatment line, among other variables.

Market share, growth and market penetration by product indication and treatment line analysis.

We assure reliability of the sample at the national level, based on the main and most representative institutions and doctors.

Identification of the treatment user in all institutions, within a public and private sector scope, and detailed information on private users.

Analytical interpretation of the data that is integrated with the client's tactical plans and strategies.

Possibility of evaluating the total market potential by indication, up to the treatment level (Market sizing).

Frequency of 2 to 4 waves per year.

Follow-up of Specialized Medical Products against competitors.

Características técnicas

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