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Close-Up International

A company of content and service technologies, exclusively for the pharmaceutical industry.
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We are a company with global presence devoted to the analysis and investigation of new techniques for the development of audits and reports on the prescription market. Our contribution has been essential to get to know this market trends, helping with efficiency and transparence to the relationship between laboratories and medical professionals.

Convinced about the work that we do, we are fully committed to each of our Clients, to whom we render absolutely reliable and top-quality services.
In order to satisfy each and every Client and go beyond their expectations, we propose a long-term relationship that will add value to your business through the management and exploitation of the information, contributing to decision making and the definition of strategies.
As we handle high-qualityand sensitive transactions for our clients’ businesses, our technological solutions have been certified to the ISO 9001 standard.

We’ve got the tools

Our developments are based on cutting-edge technologies as regards communication, information mobility and availability.

Passion for what we do

An excellent work environment, trust, respect, pride, and team spirit make Close-Up International a "great place to work."

Our Products

A solution for each type of need

Our products are designed to provide strategic information about the prescription market. Aimed at detecting areas of opportunity, each product is geographically classed. This ensures a 98% confidence interval and a 100% representation of the sample, within the audited regions, thus helping to make the right decisions to improve your business.

Leader in Technology Solutions in the Pharmaceutical Market, today the most complete service portfolio for Pharma in LatAm.

Why are we your Best Option?

Wide Experience

We have 50 years of experience in Operation and our Company has created the first books and reports on the prescription market in the world.

Highly-Qualified Team

Ongoing quality management oriented to international standards regarding methodologies, processes, information systems, and services.

International Scope

Over 950 pharmaceutical companies that use our Audit services, 120 clients that use our Technology services with cutting-edge solutions, 20 pharmacy chains and purchasing groups, providers and clients of our technological solutions in Latin America, with presence in more than 80 countries around the world.

Information Availability

Easy-to-access files that facilitate the analysis and follow-up of the key aspects of the business, set on interactive and user-friendly platforms.

Multiple Advantages and Benefits

Metrics and indicators, dynamic reports, integration, quick response key for management, updating, integration, quick and flexible upgrades, access to navigate and analyze the information optimizing time, etc.

Support and Service

Oriented to the analysis and follow-up, so as to provide solutions that will help you make appropriate and suitable decisions.

Promotional Impact

Contributing to the effectiveness of the Sales Force with strategic solutions for the pharmaceutical industry.

Business Model

Developments for the current marketing and sales needs, based on the importance of the health coverage systems.

Implementation in more than 70 countries

Ready to be used in any continent. Support for all languages and characters. Implementation speed globally and per country.

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