Prescription Data AG
Zug Switzerland
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    pharmaceutical companies, technology clients in over 80 countries worldwide.
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    content for better decisions.
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    applied to the pharmaceutical industry.
  • More than 650

    pharmaceutical companies audit clients.
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    books and reports of market Prescription worldwide.


  • Business Analyzer®

    For the first time, we provide information of prescriptions and sales of the pharmaceutical market in a single platform…
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  • Arbitration due to a breach
    in an agreement by IMS Health

    Close-Up International has been represented by Bruchou, Fernández Madero & Lombardi in an arbitration proceeding against IMS Health and its subsidiaries in Latin America…
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  • Launch of Business Analyzer ®

    A new tool that will facilitate the integration of information from prescriptions and sales into a single Business Intelligence’s platform, it’s the most recognized in the industry. This integration includes also new information of price from prescription and territorial sales analysis.
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This is a solution that effectively measures the prescription results of a promotional effort, by systematically investigating the behavior of markets, therapeutic classes, molecules, products, laboratories and their trends.

Targeting enables us to choose Prescribers by therapeutic market in order to target promotional activities on physicians and track the results.

It enables users to measure productivity by region (District Manager and Representatives), according to the lab visit portfolio.

Business Intelligence Solution that enables users to analyze the prescription market on an integrated and consolidated platform for all Latin America.

Sales census information Pharmaceutical Market nationwide, providing strategic data from corporations and laboratories, products and presentations, among others.

Pharmaceutical Market Sales census information at national level. It provides strategic information about opening by country, region, geographical structure and customizable customer markets.

Technology solutions

Transactional strategic operational CRM solution. It combines the capabilities of the best CRM for the pharmaceutical industry with the advantages of Digital Marketing in a 100% Offline platform.

Executive reports that help you improve your organization management. The data volume a manager has access to is huge.